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The Revival

Introducing the soulful collective that is Connor Clark and Blue Rhythm Revival, a Nashville-based band that weaves together the diverse threads of rock and roll, blues, and Southern rock. At the helm is Connor Clark, leading with his distinctive guitar work and lending his emotive vocals and poignant songwriting to the band's sonic tapestry. The rhythmic heartbeat of Blue Rhythm Revival is none other than the powerhouse drummer Nick Howard, an original band member from Zuma (2017) and a steadfast collaborator with Clark since the beginning. Together, they've weathered the highs and lows of a musical journey, creating a sound that resonates with authenticity and passion. Returning to the fold is the prodigious guitarist Kyle McCalister, who played a crucial role in the late Zuma era and contributed to recording some of the Crowkeeper (2020) singles. Corina Joy adds layers of enchantment to the ensemble with her finesse on keys and vocals, completing a harmonious blend that defines the Blue Rhythm melodics. Enter the Revival’s roster of low-end maestros: Phil Simpson, a bass player with a walk that echoes Motown sophistication and groove. Simpson’s bass lines add a distinctive rolling rumble infusing each composition with a rhythmic expertise that transcends genres. Michael Morgan, Clark's cousin hailing from Indiana, is a steadfast pillar of support for the revival, contributing his Surf Punk talents to support the band's musical foundation. Between the two, each player explores and discovers new frontiers. In the heart of the Nashville music scene, Connor Clark and Blue Rhythm Revival stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of Rock and Roll. Their music pays homage to the greats of the past and the pioneers of the present, drawing inspiration from the likes of the Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Neil Young, All Them Witches, Gov’t Mule, Marcus King and My Morning Jacket. The result is a sonic journey that bridges the gap between the nostalgic echoes of yesteryear and the contemporary pulse of today. Together, this band creates an electrifying live experience that invites audiences to immerse themselves in the rich, evolving story of Connor Clark and Blue Rhythm Revival. With each note, they celebrate the timeless magic of music, enticing listeners to join them on a journey through the heart and soul of rock and roll.

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